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Security Consulting and Solutions

Purple Mountain Security Related Services

Purple Mountain Associates works across North Texas and the United States of America to provide comprehensive security solutions and security management services. Safeguard your organizations, employees, and assets with intelligent, risk-informed decisions and a synergistic approach to solutions, objectives and goals.

Security lacking strength, compromised operations, and/or non-existent security programs open an organization to substantial risk with considerable exposure to lawsuits. Exposed assets are vulnerable to damage, loss, misuse, or theft and can cost an organization. In an uncertain environment, where greater organizational security has become the new standard, it is imperative to have a fully functioning and effective security program in protecting the organization, its owners, employees, customers, physical assets, digital assets, business reputation, and effective operation.

Purple Mountain Associates employs state-of-the-art industry methods and seasoned professionals in identifying an organization’s risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, and provide comprehensive strategies and solutions to mitigate and/or eliminate those risk factors and strengthen an organizations security profile.

We have extensive and diverse experience in various public and business sectors and unique environments such as high-risk or high-profile properties including data centers, banks, high-rise buildings, hospitals, drug clinics, homeless shelters, national corporations, healthcare, commercial property, criminal justice, government, non-profits, law enforcement, legal, religious, and educational organizations to assist you meeting your security needs.

Site Investigative Security Breach Issues

Skilled investigation provides the detailed evidence necessary to locate and/or identify a security breach, failure of security operations, or when systems respond improperly to events or incidents. Through this process, we reach definitive answers as to what happened, what failed or was compromised, where this failure occurred, and why. With this information, solutions can be developed to improve security practices, processes, and procedures to secure the organizations assets from criminal, terrorist, and espionage acts.

Site Security Lawsuit Evaluation

About to be sued or in the process of a lawsuit regarding a lapse in physical or site security, perceived or real? Let our team evaluate the facts of the matter and assist in the determination of how your organization should proceed. Our skilled team of security consultants can provide you with the information you need to be confident in the important decision prior, during, or after any type of security or safety incident. Contact us today so we can ensure your ability to mitigate risk for the future and handle incidents in the present.

High Profile – High Risk Programs

High risk industries require special consideration when implementing safety and security programs. The programs must not only focus on the current best practices for optimal results, they must be prepared to adapt and maneuver faster, more nimbly, and with more precision than the vast majority of other organizations. Purple Mountain Associates specializes in providing guidance, planning, building, and implementation services for organizations and programs in these unique and ever evolving safety and security risk management programs. Our military, law enforcement, security, and consultant experience are second to none and will guarantee the best services and delivery of options for your high-risk organization or program

Site Security Evaluations for Insurance

Whether you are an organization or individual, understanding insurance requirements regarding structure or site security can be a huge task which you may or may not have time for.  Let Purple Mountain Associates and our team of expert consultants evaluate not only how to comply with current or future insurance requirements, but to help mitigate against future risk past the bare minimum requirements.  The time to evaluate compliance and risk is prior to the need for insurance, not after, so don’t delay in contacting us for a free consultation.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Our approach to assessing threats and vulnerabilities allow us to see security from every angle to ensure risk mitigation- Whether they be physical, cyber, or interpersonal. If an organization wants to position itself for optimum success, it needs to understand its vulnerabilities, know its strengths, and prepare to change. Our professional assessments help your organization understand these important principles, anticipate sources of new threats, and build comprehensive plans which guarantee to increase your ability to respond to the unknown in an organized, efficient, and effective manner. We assess your areas of exposure and review incidents in the organizations past to realize potential vulnerabilities. Through the use of interviews, extensive policy and procedure review, and isolating gaps in security and safety programs, Purple Mountain Associates will give you the tools to reduce your vulnerability and mitigate risk by significant margins.

Internal and Contract Security Review & Audit

We understand the approaches necessary to reveal the weaknesses and gaps in security in your organization and what problems have led, or are leading to, noncompliance and causing a failure in effective security management and implementation.  If not enforced, measures in security have little value.  Our review and audit process reveal what active vulnerabilities and gaps exist and bring to light those which might exist.  Our experience has shown us the ineffective implementation, use, and management of security programs and personnel have led to millions of dollars in unnecessary loss due to settlements, lawsuits, and negative exposure from easily avoidable incidents.  Let our team of security consultants discover the anomalies and strengthen your internal controls so your internal or contract security programs can be expert in mitigating risk and creating value in your organization.

Security Policy and Procedures Review and Development

What happens when a natural disaster, workplace violence, an active shooter, or bomb threat strikes?  Do you and your employees have the information you need to respond in an appropriate manner?  Our professional team at Purple Mountain Associates can review your current safety and/or security policies and procedures to ensure they fit within the framework of the law and work best for your organization.  We can also work from existing, or create new, policies and procedures to tailor them specifically to what is most effective and safe.  Don’t let the overwhelming task of this important decision weigh you down.  Leave this to our expert security consultants and we can promise a work product that will be second to none.

Security Manual Review and Preparation

Policies and procedures are paramount to the success of an organization.  However, what about the individual direction, standard operating procedures (SOP), and specific guidance given to your internal or contract security team?  The security manual provides the information security needs to not only make sure they do their job right, but to make sure they excel at it.  Our team of expert consultants will review existing or create new security manuals to make sure they are compliant with all applicable laws, company policies and procedures, and just plain make sense.  Our ability to provide the best manuals in the business comes with our experience and dedication to the principles that govern security.

Retail Loss Prevention Assessments

According to the National Retail Foundation, over $50 Billion a year is lost due to “shrinkage”, or the unaccounted loss of physical goods or revenue due to theft, unauthorized use of discounts by employees, vendor fraud, or other means.  Our consultants will support your organization in not only conducting loss prevention investigations, large and small, we can strategize and assist in creating ways to mitigate against future loss via proper planning and techniques.  Our experience in loss prevention and security investigations and consulting gives us the knowledge and tools to be the answer to your problems and provide the solutions you need to increase your revenue margins.  Let our services, whether they are assessments, investigations, or evaluations, be the guide establishing effective strategies, mitigating risk, and lighting the path to future success.

Security Vendor Oversight and Credibility Inquires

Does your vendor program ensure you are protected against fraud, waste, and abuse?  When you hire our expert consultants at Purple Mountain Associates, you show you are committed to proper vendor oversight and maintaining the integrity of your organization.  Common problems with vendors include theft, unauthorized access, dishonesty, and the release of proprietary data and information.  Make sure you are doing everything you can to protect yourself against vendor fraud by calling our team today.

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Physical Security Internal Breach Investigations

The employees in your organization should feel safe in the workplace and when that is violated by an internal breach in security, it can severely damage morale, work ethic, and, ultimately, your revenue margins.  Employees can feel betrayed by this violation by a person in a position of trust in their organization.  Our skilled team of security consultants understand the complexities, and the corresponding investigations, of internal security breaches.  Let us provide your management team, and the rest of your employees, with the peace of mind to return to work with trust restored.  We will thoroughly investigate your organizations incident and providing you with the information and results you need to not only return to normal but improve your physical security program performance and reliability.

Management of Texas Private Security Bureau License

Does your organization need the expertise and oversight of a true professional regarding your Texas Private Security Bureau (PSB) license?  Are you struggling keeping your program in compliance and don’t understand the rules, regulations, and laws applicable to your organization?  We at Purple Mountain Associates understand the ever-changing landscape of the security industry and specialize in Texas security regulation and law.  Let us manage your program and ensure it is not only compliant but put in a position to thrive and secure your reputation as a professional and efficient organization.

All-Hazards Crisis Management Program & Training

Crisis Management is one of the most undervalued and overlooked aspects of an organization.  Companies often forget to plan for emergencies and fail to employ proper risk management regarding major incidents, both natural and man-made.  Your organization needs to be prepared to handle both minor and major incidents, understand how to quickly recover, and continue operations in sub-optimal conditions.  Our team of skilled and experienced security consultants intimately understand crisis management and are your go to experts regarding crisis management training and corresponding program implementations.  Reach out to us today for a free consultation and guarantee your organizations ability to react to a crisis more efficiently.

OSHA Workplace & Active Shooter Training

Concerned about your ability to conform and be found in compliance with OSHA standards regarding general workplace and Emergency Action Plans (EAP)?  We can assist you in determining how to become compliant from every step of the process, whether you have a system in place or need one developed.  Our team will make sure you will never be caught off guard by OSHA or security related regulatory entities by providing top notch training to your management team and employees.  Equally important is the knowledge on how to respond to workplace violence, be it an active shooter or another form, before, during, and after an incident.  Active shooters are considered one of the top physical threats organizations currently face.  Learn the importance of presenting your organization as a hard target and how to deny active shooters the ability to be successful in their plan.

Terrorist, Espionage, Litigation and Regulatory Compliance Evaluation

Being compliant with the ever shifting and applicable laws in your country, state, and field can be extremely frustrating and time consuming.  It is even more frustrating when you are found out of compliance and facing fines, litigation, or other stressful consequences.  We at Purple Mountain Associates understand the need to be extremely diligent when it comes to compliance in the sensitive subjects of terrorism, espionage, and related topics.  We have the expertise and ethics to ensure your organization is not only in compliance with the law and can stand up to scrutiny but can excel where others fear to tread.

Media Subject Matter Research Inquires

Our team of investigators and security consultants are experts at not only finding the truth and data you need to verify information, sources, and specific knowledge, but can present it in a manner that is ready for release to any applicable audience.  We understand the importance of verification of information prior to public release in any way, shape, or form.  Know your reputation is safe in the hands of Purple Mountain Associates and we will take care of your media information and research needs.

Security Risk Advisory Services for Large or Small Business

The purpose of any security risk management program is an ongoing process to mitigate as many new security risks as possible for an organization.  This is done by identifying those new threats and implementing security strategies to address them on an on-going basis. A contractual security risk manager assesses on-going potential risks that may hinder the reputation, safety, security and financial prosperity of an organization and provide comprehensive security intelligence in the public and private sectors.  Gain peace of mind and address your on-going security requirements today with a security advisory professional that provides your organization access to professional expertise and insights on technologies, new threats, changing standards, trends in security, plus an outside and independent perspective.

Expert Witness Services- Research, Opinion, and Testimony

Purple Mountain Associates provides expert witness consultations and opinions at cost effective rates. When requested, we provide an expert opinion report and testimony in legal actions involving negligent, inadequate security, or use of force claims. Our services are equally available to both Defense and Plaintiff law firms. Issues typically involved in these type cases include crime/incident foreseeability; industry custom and practice; policies and procedures; actions/inactions of security and other personnel; and overall adequacy of security or specific public safety measures. Our case assessments are based on specialized training, education, subject knowledge and many years of practical, hands-on security and law enforcement experience, in forming our opinions using a proven International Association of Professional Security Consultants forensic methodology.

Training- Security and Employee Safety Awareness Training

Awareness and training must be at the vanguard of any effective security management or workplace safety program.  1. Employees must be given comprehensive, up-to-date instruction in security awareness, travel and fire safety, and workplace violence and safety. 2. Security personnel must have effective training on security policies, procedures, crisis management, emergency/disaster management, active shooter incidents, workplace violence, hostile work environment, harassment, incident reporting, liability factors, threat awareness, and the operation of technology and equipment they use to do their jobs.  Our team of security consultants will calibrate security, awareness, and employee training to each client’s needs, be that a short, half or one day session for refresher or initial programs, or extensive, multi-day trainings for in-depth learning and immersion for maximum effectiveness.  Our training is tailored exclusively for your industry and our subject matter experts the knowledge, proficiency, and experience to help your organization not only meet standards, but to exceed them in every way.

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