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Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex Private Investigator and Security Consultant Services

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Purple Mountain Associates

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients are given the attention they deserve. Our team of advisers specialize in thorough and professional service, covering all elements and aspects of any investigation or security related matter. Our attention to our client’s and their needs have proven to be highly valued through actual litigation and due diligence, and in assisting individual clients to come to positive outcomes to divisive or difficult issues.

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A relentless pursuit for reliable and trustworthy information is at the heart of everything we do. Truth is why we take a closer look at things, ask questions, and think ahead with our clients best interest in mind.


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Professional Services

Obtaining the proper professional service can make a difference in ensuring that business enterprise, interests, and other major decisions lead to positive outcomes. Purple Mountain Associates offers a variety of security and investigative services, analysis, and research to guide clients in managing and mitigating security risks, Protecting assets, and in making informed decisions based on solid investigative analysis of relevant information, and developed investigative facts. We also assist our legal clients by providing detailed research and expert witness opinions in support of litigation involving premises liability, serviceability, negligent or inadequate property protections.

Working With Us

At Purple Mountain Associates, our mission is to ensure our customers confidential, reliable, and effective professional services at a reasonable cost. Our relentless pursuit of relevant and truthful information, due to our personal and professional work ethic, assist our clients and partners in managing or resolving issues facing them.

Purple Mountain Associates

Living in Colorado Springs, we had a perfect view of Pikes Peak. The mountain helped point us in the right direction – we always knew where we were thanks to Pikes Peak. It was dependable, it was always there. Purple Mountain Associates is here to help guide and point our clients in the right direction the same way Pikes Peak guided us home.