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Purple Mountain Professional Investigations

Purple Mountain Associates specializes in a wide range of investigative inquiries and services. We provide special investigative fact-finding support and information research analysis to private,commercial, corporate, and legal clients.

We take advantage of the latest investigative strategies, tactics, and equipment available to the investigations industry to strive to be an innovation leader. Whether you need a statement from a witness, digital images or photographs, or even video evidence, our team is here to provide them to you.

Purple Mountain Associates is a leading provider of private investigative inquiries to confidential surveillance services in North-Texas. We employ advanced technologies, sophisticated surveillance techniques, and meticulous investigative practices to uncover intimate complex details of our clients’ cases from exposing insurance fraud to uncovering internal security breaches.

Our Professional consultants will supervise all aspects of your case and provide you with detailed updates and timely reports. In cases where litigation is required, our investigators provide solid, and admissible, evidence to support your court case.

Our surveillance agents and special investigators are highly skilled and trained professionals. They will provide informative and detailed reports supported by facts, evidence, statements, photographs and video footage as needed.

Business Fact Finding & Due Diligence

When there are allegations made against you or your company, our team is here to uncover the truth. Our main priority is not only to uncover the facts, but also to assess the credibility of any statements that have been made.  When you are looking for professional fact finders, our team is the number one choice, as we have worked countless cases and uncovered the truth for our clients. When you are in the process of handling an important business transaction or even a personal transaction, our team is here to assist you with the difficult process of due diligence. When reputation is on the line, you need to ensure you cover every aspect in order to ensure your best interest.

Business or Personal Background Inquiries

Purple Mountain Associates recognizes the need for timely information delivery, on any scale, for business or personal reasons. However, there are times when full and comprehensives background investigations are not what you need. This is why the business or personal background inquiry is so vital to a society with an ever-expanding profile on the vast reaches of the internet. Let our knowledgeable team search, and find, whatever information or data you are seeking to assist in finding solutions regarding your business and personal background inquiry needs.

Fraud, Financial, and Corruption Inquiries

We understand the sensitive nature and serious implications involved in suspected fraud and corruption. This is why our team have a variety of certifications, including the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) distinction, and years of experience in investigating fraud, whether in financial, legal, or other forms, and corruption. Our professionals have the ability to draw on experience ranging in level from a individual complaints to instances of organization wide fraud and/or corruption. Our knowledge equates to solutions as we assist you in your efforts to reduce the risk of fraud and corruption.

Attorney Lead Litigation Support Inquires

Over the years, our team has worked with some of the area’s best attorneys and handled countless cases. This experience, in and out of the court room, allows us to better serve our future attorney’s clients with a professional service unmatched in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. Let us put in the hours of diligent and efficient investigation to ensure success and increase the effectiveness of your law firm. With our skilled and professional investigators, your reputation will be in safe hands.

Human Resources – Workplace Inquiries

We specialize in human resources lead inquiries and have an expertise in managing workplace investigations. We are experts at conducting sensitive, complex investigations related to allegations of employee misconduct, conflicts of interest, fraud, waste, and abuse, drug diversion, internet fraud, internal/external theft, ORC, domestic, anonymous hotline/whistle blower complaints, corporate ethics/compliance, and violations of corporate policies/code of conduct. We have worked as an integral partner in providing case facts and record findings, recommending corrective actions and assisting in developing a plan of resolution and accountability and or legal proceedings.

Asset Tracing, Theft and Recovery

We understand that asset checks are a critical element of many individual and business-related private investigations. A thorough asset investigation can take hours to complete, but once the investigation is finished, it can help uncover hidden assets across the world. We utilize the most effective investigative research methods in order to track down the desired information at home and abroad. This same expertise allows us to track and recover stolen assets. Turning to experienced and knowledgeable asset tracers is the wisest choice for any client who wishes to gain the most thorough and effective results. In a proper hidden asset search investigation, the following areas are investigated in compliance with federal and state law.

  •  Bank Accounts
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Business Ownership
  • Employment Records
  • Patent / Trademarks
  • Hidden Property Records
  • Judgments
  • Stolen Assets

Regulatory Compliance Inquires

Heightened standards and significant investments have increased the size and scope of responsibilities for risk and compliance functions. Litigation effective investigative support is important and often overlooked as a success factor in risk management and regulatory compliance. Today’s organizations face unprecedented challenges in managing risks and complying with laws, regulations and internal policies in a cost-effective manner. The costs of regulatory compliance are rising globally and by some estimates, U.S. companies spend more than $1 trillion dollars annually. Yet, the cost of non-compliance can be the loss of an entire enterprise. Businesses today face an increasingly complex framework of established and evolving legislation and regulations concerning civil, criminal and regulatory risks. Our regulation and compliance investigations provide clients with information to help navigate the legal, procedural, governance, and reputational aspects of regulatory and compliance issues, in litigation or compliance issues. We have a unique offering of strength in a growing investigative field adding to our understanding of the internal workings of regulators, the underlying policies which shape the regulators’ approach, including regulatory cooperation and the sensitivities of dealing with regulators and knowledge of regulatory inquiries, regulatory enforcement, criminal investigations, and prosecutions and related civil litigation.

Criminal & Civil Investigation

Purple Mountain Associates recognizes the need for timely information delivery, on any scale, for business or personal reasons. However, there are times when full and comprehensives background investigations are not what you need. This is why the business or personal background inquiry is so vital to a society with an ever-expanding profile on the vast reaches of the internet. Let our knowledgeable team search, and find, whatever information or data you are seeking to assist in finding solutions regarding your business and personal background inquiry needs.

Physical & Covert Surveillance (child or adult)

Purple Mountain Associates specializes in surveillance. Our team frequently attends training to stay up to date with the latest investigative techniques available to the Private Investigations industry. We also ensure our investigators are equipped with state-of-the-art investigative equipment. Our equipment coupled with our training and experience allows us to provide you, our client, with an unrivaled level of service. We tailor our services to meet our client’s specific needs and will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your budget. We handle a wide variety of cases, whether you are an individual needing surveillance services, or a corporation needing to conduct an in-depth investigation, we are the team you want. If your business has been experiencing heavy losses without a paper trail to back the expenditures, our team of investigators will help you track down the cause of your losses. Our team can also help restore your peace of mind if your spouse might be lying to you. Surveillance investigations can give you the answers you need in order to help you make the correct decision. Regardless of your needs, our team has the training, experience, and tools to help you get the results you are looking for.

Insurance Fraud & Abuse Investigation

In an insurance industry which collects over $1 Trillion in premiums each year, per the FBI, the total cost of non-healthcare related insurance fraud and abuse is more than $40 Billion per year. Our investigators have the experience and ability to not only solve tough to handle insurance fraud and abuse cases, they have the ability to help mitigate against current and future risk involving insurance. Whether you need assistance in surveilling a case of suspected insurance fraud or conducting a beginning to end comprehensive investigation, our team will provide first class results and provide court-ready documentation to stand up to the most rigorous of inspections.

Spousal Infidelity & Family Law Investigations

The area of family law can be a very difficult subject to handle if you are not experienced in the field. Our investigative team has handled numerous family law investigation cases and has gathered vast experience in the field of family law. This experience allows us to better understand the needs for these cases and provide you with the professional service and insightful information you deserve. We understand emotions are often high and volatile with these sensitive and intimate topics; however, our team not only holds to the highest professional and ethical standards, our commitment to confidentiality and empathy make us he obvious choice to investigate suspected infidelity and any family or domestic dispute, both in and out of court.

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Loss Prevention Investigations

According to the National Retail Foundation, over $50 Billion a year is lost due to “shrinkage”, or the unaccounted loss of physical goods or revenue due to theft, unauthorized use of discounts by employees, or vendor fraud. Our investigators will support your organization in not only conducting loss prevention investigations, large and small, we can strategize and assist in creating ways to mitigate against future loss via proper planning and techniques. Our experience in loss prevention and security investigations and consulting gives us the knowledge and tools to be the answer to your problems and provide the solutions you need to increase your revenue margins.

Accidental or Wrongdoing Inquiries

Discovering the unknown and uncovering concealed information are specialties for our investigators and consultants. When looking into accidents or intentional incidents with damaging consequences, Purple Mountain Associates rides the cutting edge of technology and investigation to ensure our ability to produce results for our clients. You, as an individual, business owner, or member of a management team, needs the skills and experience our team has to be empowered with the truth and to apply that information to any situation to mitigate risk, evaluate liability, prevent lawsuits, and, if needed, provide expert testimony in court.

Employee Termination Inquiries

Do you want your organization to be the next headline regarding workplace violence as a result of an employee termination gone bad? Undoubtedly the answer is no. This is why it is so important to not only understand the warning signs and risks when preparing to terminate or pursue discipline against an employee, but also to hire the experts who can mitigate those risks and provide solutions to your problems. Our team of investigators and consultants can assist your organizations management or human resources team in preventing possible incidents, obtain additional evidence of wrongdoing or intent, and conduct surveillance in preparation of, during, and after employee terminations. When hiring Purple Mountain Associates, you can guarantee you are getting the most experienced, professional, and ethical team in the industry.

Lawsuits and Business Exposer Inquiries

Being sued or having your internal, or external, business practices questioned as illegal, unfair, or unethical (True or not) can cause extreme strain on you, your organization, and its employees. Let Purple Mountain Associates investigate, question, evaluate, and collect evidence to determine the who, what, when, where, how, and why of any pending or current lawsuit or negative exposure. Our team of investigators and consultants will provide you the information you need to determine your next steps and put your organization in the best position to navigate its present and future course. We have helped many organizations and high net-worth individuals not only minimize the impact of potentially damaging information, we have helped clear their valuable reputations and ensure their success for years to come.

Workplace Safety or Security Inquiries

Have concerns been raised at your organizations place of business regarding the safety of the workplace because of physical hazards, security lapses, or poor oversight of workplace safety programs, perceived or real? Call our skilled team of investigators and consultants to look into these concerns and assess their credibility by thorough investigation and vast knowledge on the subjects. Our ability to cut through the haze of the unknown to discover truth is what sets us apart from others. Armed with the knowledge gained from Purple Mountain Associates and presented in a professional and comprehensive format, organizations can not only mitigate risks, large and small, before they become an issue, they can have valuable policies, procedures, and guidelines created and established by our team to maintain the highest levels of safety and quality in their industry.

Missing Person Inquiries

When locating a missing individual, time is very important, and oftentimes a very limited resource. Our team has conducted numerous missing person inquiries and work diligently to ensure our team is up to date on the latest strategies as well has access to the most up to date databases to help our team locate any missing persons. We use our advanced knowledge of
technology, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and vast experience to ensure the most efficient and complete investigation to locate, approach, or recover the missing person. We understand this can be an extremely stressful situation and those involved can be distraught to the point of distraction; however, our compassionate team has shown our ability to adapt to any scenario and offer an empathetic, yet aggressive, plan to show results.

Family, Relative or Witness Locates

Getting back in touch with a long lost relative or family member can be a daunting task to take on by yourself. Our team has mastered the art of locating individuals with limited information. Simply provide our investigators with as much known information as possible and we will go to work to uncover their location. Once the subject has been located, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report of all the information gathered. Locating a witness is a very delicate process, most of the time there is very limited information provided when handling witnesses. Therefore, a properly trained and equipped investigative team is important. Our team has vast experience in locating individuals. This experience allows us to better serve our clients by not only increasing the success rate of a location, but also providing with as much relevant information as possible on each witness.

Activity, Disability and Wellness, child or adult Inquiries

An activity check is a vital asset for many of our clients, whether you need to gather information of how active a person might be, our if you are simply trying to ensure the information you have been provided is accurate, our team is here to help you. We will conduct activity checks on your behalf at multiple times throughout the allotted times in order to provide you as much information as possible. Some of the most common reasons our clients request activity checks are procurers to:

  • Dependency Check
  • Alive & Well Check
  • Disability Checks
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Accident Investigations
  • Recorded Statements
  • Written Statements
  • Disability Interviews
  • Widow/Widower Check

Legal Service of Civil Process

With a team located at a convenient location and easy access to most of North Texas, we can get your documents served quickly and affordably. We take the responsibility of serving our client’s documents very seriously. We have a track record of being able to serve even the hardest to find absconders, witnesses, and defendants. We have years of investigative skip tracing experience and have access to some of the latest, and most powerful, databases and search resources to help locate individuals.

Background and Information Research Inquiries

Over the years, background investigations have changed from complex, drawn out processes to instant results. Many websites have sprung up offering “instant background checks” that are nothing less than unreliable and, in many cases, flat out false. Our team is committed to the accuracy of our background checks. With access to some of the largest and most accurate databases available to the private investigations industry, our team of seasoned investigators can help our clients track down hidden assets, locate any subject in the United States, and help uncover information needed by our clients. Our team can provide you with criminal record checks, hidden asset checks, pre-marital checks, court records, address histories, internet discovery, Freedom of Information Act and more. Once we have tracked down the necessary information, we can obtain physical copies of our findings – when needed – and compile a comprehensive background report that can hold up its weight in the court of law.

Confidential Ground Courier Service- USA

We deliver a secure, discreet, end-to-end 24/7 delivery service. Purple Mountain Associates safeguards your high valued items or precious documents a professional courier while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and security. The service can also be executed as part of a two-man, non-stop professional detail. At Purple Mountain Associates, we realize that prevention of crime can be accomplished by utilizing strategic and tactical approaches. Hence, our security professionals are trained to be vigilant and to identify any and all potential security threats, including acts of terrorism, hijacking, robbery and theft. Our security agents serve as criminal deterrents by adopting the principals of the Department of State Diplomatic Courier service transport procedures. Simply put, our agents exhibit a secure presence that promotes the creation of secure, discreet delivery service.

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